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We are so excited to have our fabulous customers back in store and we welcome our new customers. Take a look around, you'll find some of our classics that are as popular as ever along side our new kids on the block!
We cant wait to hear what you think, enjoy!
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Lani + Me is my passion and I started this business making earrings for my family and friends. It was when I realised that my friends were choosing their outfits based on their earring colour, that I discovered that my passion was also making women feel great about themselves. Their earring choices were a small glimpse into their unique personalities. Watching their confidence grow as they rocked the earrings that I handcrafted with them in mind became slightly addictive.

Lani is my daughter. She is 8 years old and loves to sit and help create new designs with me, just quietly, she's pretty good!

All products made by Lani + Me are lovingly handmade on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.


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